GSA seeks new gender-neutral washrooms

Evan Tseng & Ben Huszar / Staff reporters

Ending with the school year moving along and clubs beginning their main activities, Gender sexuality alliance club (GSA) is already planning proposals for major changes to our school.

GSA is a club dedicated to LGBTQ+ issues and is a welcoming environment for those that identify as LGBTQ+ as well as allies. GSA was responsible for the creation of the single stall gender-neutral washrooms built throughout Gleneagle four years ago, and they are looking to expand on that idea this year by converting the art-wing washrooms into multi-stalled gender-neutral washrooms.

According to Charlotte Alexander, grade 12, and one of the GSA leaders, GSA were held back from this project due to concern from parents and issues about safety. However, with many other schools in the district moving towards gender-neutral washrooms, we may be seeing them in our school this year.

“We’ve actually been trying to get that bathroom for like two years now…. I think this year we’re going to get further than ever before,” said Alexander.

Alexander said that there hasn’t been as much concern from admin or parents and that chances of success seem higher than ever.

“It’s important to create a safe space for gender non-conforming [and] transgender people,” commented Alexander, “It’s just a place where people want to [urinate] and people need to [urinate] comfortably.”

GSA club meeting in progress – Ben Huszar / Photo

While many schools have GSAs, the activities and projects they do vary as they are determined by their members.

Although a polarizing topic, it seems that the students of our school are willing to band together to fight for what they believe is right. Due to the dedication of GSA, Gleneagle may have multi-stall gender-neutral washrooms in the near future.

GSA is hosted on Thursdays at lunch in room 203. Everybody who is interested in joining is welcome at any time.