Jackson Cyr & Noah Breakspear / Staff reporters

Students are getting a hands-on approach with the new fly fishing 11 course. Taught by English teacher, Lorenzo Cirillo, the course focuses on teaching how to cast rods, tie flies, identify and catch fish.

An important aspect of the course is environmental stewardship and responsible practice, according to Cirillo, and that fly fishing is “more than just tying and casting pretty flies.”

The class had a few fishing trips for salmon, but their results have been less than optimal as a result of a drop-off in fish, creating what Cirillo calls a “crisis state.”

Carson Bosma, grade 11 member, said that he has enjoyed the course so far, but found the lack of fish to be “depressing, be-cause it’s hard to fish when there aren’t any in the water to catch.”

Vincent Huang, grade 10, said that he’s enjoying the class so far, developing a new “interest in fly fishing and conservation,” but would have liked to catch a fish on one of the field trips.

Cirillo believes that students are being given the chance to gain an “appreciation for the aesthetic of fishing” with this course and it adds a social aspect that students do not receive in other classes.