With the popularity and atten-dance at climate strikes, it has be-come more of a social trend than caring about the environment.
While may realize they are to blame for climate change, most would rather post opinions on so-cial media instead of making au-thentic daily changes.

An example of a climate change trend is the use of metal straws. While it is a step in the right di-rection, they forget about the big plastic cup they’re using their straw in.

Once the cup serves its purpose, it harms the environment far more than a straw.

Bringing a reusable cup can be a hassle, but that is the point of changing to help stop climate change. People can’t be just using metal straws; there needs to be more done.

People who are board the climate strike train aren’t hurting anyone, yet the problem comes with the fact that for some it is just a recent trend to adopt, a fad even.

Social trends don’t last long, but the climate change problem is something that effects every living being on Earth.

There is a recurring message in the media of blaming and demanding the government stop whatever they’re doing to fight against the climate.

While it’s true that the government needs to help stop the environmental crisis and can do a better job at it, a few officials can’t write some rules and pass as a law the next day.

There are always hundreds of people who take the climate change problem to the streets and demand change.

Yet many people are just following their friends to strikes and act like it’s a social event. It is treated as a time to hang out and pretend to be an activist.

People take their witty posters about not having a future like they’re pitchforks and torches, and yet forget those messages when they get home and micro-wave their dinner with cellophane plastic wrap.

At the end of the day, it helps the environment to try and limit waste by not buying new products, bringing cutlery from home, and learning how to control amount of single-use plastics.

Instead of being swept up by the currents of climate trend, make concrete lifestyle changes that will create positive impacts on the planet, beyond just a one-day strike or a simple straw.