Zackary Wilensky & Joshua Riglietti / Staff reporters

The field hockey team’s season ended with a 0-3 loss against Port Moody in a playoff game on October 24.  Having won the district championships in 2016 and 2017 the girls were eliminated in the first round. The girls had beaten Moody 2-0 in the regular season.  

After their final game the girls had this to say. 

“We needed to work more as a team in the first half. Also, to be more positive and to be more urgent.” said Emma Gittens.  

“Unfortunately, weren’t able to capitalize on our offensive opportunities. We didn’t give up and gave it our all.” said Hannah Peterson.  

“Some days we have been dominating games but can’t seem to put the ball in the net.” said Patty Anderson, coach.  

During the regular season the field hockey team got their first win against Maple Ridge. Then as the season went on, they won against Port Moody 2-0, tied 2-2 against Charles Best, tied 0-0 against Riverside lost 1-0 against Westview.  

“The season has been very up and down so far. We haven’t been winning as much as we would like but we are competing in games. The communication has been very strong. They have been working very hard as a team.” said Anderson. 

“I would love to see more girls out; I think they wait till grade 11 or 12 before they come out. Our future may be in trouble in another year from now.” concluded Anderson.