Talons kayak towards adventure

From April 26 to 29, students in the TALONS program will be on a four-day kayaking trip. Starting at Bowen Island, the TALONS will paddle west to Keats Island, and then all the way north to Douglas Bay at Gambier Island. On Sunday, they will turn their kayaks south to Halkett and return to Bowen island, marking the end of the voyage.

There is a large portion of time that they will spend traveling on water with small tides and winds. They will also spend time on shore, setting up tents and other survival gear in the wilderness.

All of the students attending this trip were professionally trained on the skills and composure needed when kayaking.

“I booked Gym C and planned out all the training sessions. We have to workout before we go on the trip,” said Jason Bi, grade 9.

“It is important to learn what is involved in a trip such as this,” said Qurien Mulder ten Kate, TALONS teacher and event organizer.

“I really want the students to have the best trip possible and build a lot of memories with [each other]. This is how we should celebrate our study,” concluded Mulder.