On March 13, the MPR was filled with the joyous sounds of music. Gleneagle’s senior and junior concert bands, jazz band, vocal jazz, and choir performed for families and friends.

The spring concert is one of the music department’s annual programs.
Among the guests, was composer, Robert Buckley. The piece played by the senior band and choir, “Highway of Heroes,” was commissioned by Edward Trovato, Gleneagle’s music teacher.

“We’re going to perform [Highway of Heroes] at the concert and in Cuba,” said Trovato.

It was also the first time Gleneagle has gotten a piece of music commissioned.

“No one has ever heard this piece before; it’s brand new,” added Trovato.

The students were nervous and excited to be able to premiere the piece.
“You don’t really understand the honour that comes with commissioning a piece until you get to the concert [and realize] we’re debuting [the piece],” said Claire Moon, grade 12.

“We’ve been talking about having a piece commissioned for us for Cuba since last year I would say,” continued Moon. “But it wasn’t until around January when we finally got the ball rolling.”

The students have been able to improve their skills with practice and perseverance.

“We have been working hard during rehearsals to prepare ourselves,” said Tiffany Lam, grade 11.

“Especially in the song Bugler Holiday, we practice the sixteenth note runs with the woodwinds to ensure we could play it well,” added Lam.

Students of the choir group sang mainly a capella songs; “Walk Out On The Water” and “Espiritu de Dios.”

The jazz band played tunes that they are taking to Cuba, like Guantanamera, while vocal jazz sang Desafinado among other pieces.
Students in the junior band played the John Williams Trilogy, which had songs from Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List.

The senior band joined together with the choir to perform the finale, “Highway of Heroes.”