On Monday, two Gleneagle wrestlers competed at the provincial wrestling championships in Langley. Kitty Yang and Aileen Zhang, both grade 12, competed in their respective weight classes, both falling short of placing in the top six. Yang won one match and Zhang won two matches.

“Although I didn’t make top six, I’m still proud of how close I came and my growth in this sport,” said Zhang. “I did much better than I ever thought I could, and I fought hard in all my matches.”

This is Gleneagle’s second year with a wrestling team of only two athletes. The girls trained with Pinetree’s wrestling team as well as attended district practices.

“A lot of people didn’t realize that the girls were even practicing at Pinetree,” said Brian Hunter, coach. “It’s good that the girls are committed to wrestling, but it’s unfortunate that the team is so small.”

Despite the team’s size, the girls have achieved multiple successes throughout the season. Prior to provincials, Zhang won two medals and Yang won three.

“I was more prepared to lose than win during the first match,” recalled Yang. “However, as I achieved much better results than last year, I have the guts to challenge more experienced opponents,”added Yang.

“For me, this entire season has been a lesson in not giving up. I wasn’t planning to join this year but I decided to stick it out anyway and I ended my wrestling career provincial-bound,” concluded Zhang.