Spoken Mind trivia show in gym at lunch

Con-X will host the trivia show, Spoken Mind, in the gym at lunch next week. The trivia show will feature 20 different teams competing against each other in a contest of knowledge. The questions will come from a wide range of academic subjects such as history, physics, and mythology.

“There are a lot of people who are good at academics, but are often too shy to show themselves. This event offers a chance for the school to recognize them,” explained Sienna Liu, grade 11, one of the organizers.

In the first four days of next week, all teams will compete and the top five winning teams will advance to the final on Friday, March 1.

The last team standing in the final will donate 10 books to the library under their names, paid by Con-X.

“Donating 10 books to the school library under my name is really attractive for me,” commented Frank Lu, grade 11 participant.

“To me, it’s a celebration of students’ academic culture, but it’s also a reminder of the delight to be found in learning,” concluded Deon Feng, grade 11 organizer of this event.