Glenfest turns talent into charity

The MPR will be filled with music on March 1, as Glenfest takes to the stage to give the audience a variety of musical performances.

Planned by TALONS learners, this will be the first Glenfest to take place; however, it is not the only TALONS event that has been used to fundraise for charities.

“Glenfest is based off of Slam Jam, but music based,” said Annie Yin, grade 10. “We want an opportunity for musicians in our community to show off their talents while donating our ticket sales to a charity,” continued Yin.

Similar to Slam Jam, an annual event that brought musicians and slam poets together, all money raised from Glenfest will go to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Center. The organization aids vulnerable women and children by providing necessities, such as nutritious meals and shelter, and services like recreation and skill development.

Glenfest will feature 23 performers, as both solos and groups. “I’m pretty excited [to perform], but am also nervous because it’s my first time performing on saxophone,” said Kayla Price, grade 10.

“Singing on stage for people is something I’ve grown a bit more comfortable with, but I wanted to go outside my comfort zone for Glenfest.”

There will also be a competitive element to the event.

“Each performer will have a jar and guests can vote for whoever they enjoyed best with ballots,” said Yin. “The [performance] with the most votes, will win a free professional recording session,” continued Yin.

The event will run from 7:00 to 9:00 in the MPR and in the gym. The vocal performances will occur in the gym, while mostly instrumental music will be performed in the MPR. Guests will have the choice to move between the simultaneous performances.

Tickets will cost $5 for students and $7 for adults. Along with Glenfest, there will also be an escape room happening from 4:00 to 9:00. Students can participate for $3, while adults can partake for $5. A group of six can compete for $15.

While Glenfest is an event for those who are interested in listening to music and solving puzzles, the evening will also contribute to a community cause.