Yin Sau Lau /Staff reporter 

The Con-Xmas events were held from November 29 to December 3. The five events “Karaoke”, “Red & Green Attire Day”, “Winter Attire Day”, “Gingerbread sales”, and “Music Concert Live Stream” were prepared by the Con-X Leadership students. They also held the Con-Xmas fundraiser. 

On the first day of the Con-Xmas event, a karaoke was held during lunch, students sang karaoke on the stage in the cafeteria.  

“I had my lunch in the cafeteria that day, I didn’t join the karaoke, but it is really fun to listen when the others sing. Some students sang songs about Christmas, it let me feel like we are in the mood for Christmas. I love this event so much! “said Justin Hung, grade 12.

During the two attire days in Nov3o and Dec1, students wear clothes that are related to the topic. Many students participated actively, they dress up with red and green clothes on the “Red & Green Attire Day”, many of them wore a Christmas hat.” 

Students who bought the Gingerbread got their gingerbread house on the” Gingerbread Sales Day”, some teachers bought it too. All the donations go to Share Food Bank, a non-profit organization that helps the needs. 

The last event of Con-Xmas was the “Music Concert Live Stream”. It was a virtual concert at 6 pm Friday, Dec3. Students can see it through the Gleneagle YouTube Channel. There are piano and guitar players in the concert, a lot of students participate in singing that evening.  

A food drive was held during the week of Con-Xmas, Green boxes were placed in every classroom so that students can bring in non-perishable food donations by Friday to contribute. A lot of students bring food donations that day, the green boxes were filled with food. 

“I brought some canned food for donations on that day. It was a great chance for me to help the needs. I am an international student, so I want to contribute more to society and become part of it.” said Jayjyn Li, a grade9 student. 

The Con-Xmas events raised over $900 dollars in donations for food banks. It was a great result showing the effort of the Con-X leadership students. They are a small group of people, planning all the events and promoting them. They reached out to the Share Food Bank for donations.  

“This is a meaningful event. We raise money while students enjoy the events. The Con-X leadership course provides opportunities to work on charity for students who want to practice their leadership. It took a great effort to achieve this successful result, they stay at school every day and do a lot of organized work. I appreciate their hard work and the events they planned,” concluded Adam Hayes, Con-X teacher.