Vansh Sahni/Staff reporter

The senior boys’ basketball team is off to a strong start having won the Burnaby North Invitational Basketball Tournament. They beat the Burnaby Central Wildcats on the final game 95 – 68 to win the championship game.

The team previously beat host team Burnaby North 62-60 to advance to the finals.

Basketball for senior boys is coming back, with most players from school not having had a school basketball season since their grade 9 or 10 year. The team consists of a mixture of grade 11 and 12s students, plus one grade 10. The senior basketball team’s coaches are Coach Roberto and Coach Lee.

Even though covid was all over the world last year, and many activities were not able to take place. It didn’t stop Gleneagles basketball team to practice and become better. The Gleneagle basketball team took part in a tournament as a team called, Renegades according to the senior team. The boys came third place in the whole tournament. Now, the boys are getting ready for the upcoming season

“The team is doing well! we are jelling really nicely. The leadership is there, and the guys seem to be listening to each other. This team is looking like a team!”, said Coach Aeciaga Roberto.

“It feels great to play again, we are ready to let the season start. We have a couple of goals to make the playoffs and the province”, said Sharif Hebrahim, grade 12.  

“We are very ready for upcoming games. Even during last year’s covid’s area, we were all still practicing safely. The practices were intense and that’s how we got prepared for this year.”, said by Javi Carlos Ii Sy Quia, grade 12.   

“I think we will do good. We worked really had in the off-season and I think it will playoff”, said Max Parnell, grade 11.

“Everyone is improving on the team, and we are still getting better every day. Every time we practice, every game we play, we learn something from it and get better.”, added by Javi Carlos Ii Sy Quia. 

“The goal is to make the playoffs first. Basically, we want to do is go as far as we can. I love coaching this team and they seem to be a good brotherhood and we all are like a family.”, added Coach Roberto.

The boys have worked hard and practiced for several hours. Even in times when it was hard for them to. Let’s see how they do on their first game on January 11, and their upcoming games! 

The team plays Westview secondary in Maple Ridge later today.