Shahrad Mezerji/Staff Reporter  

The Hunger Games were a fantastic book series about deathly competitions between teenagers fighting to survive; Nyxia is a more futuristic and advanced version of The Hunger Games. It contains the same amount of thrill, horror and unease.

Scott Remington published Nyxia on Sept 12, 2017. It’s a science fiction novel that follows the story of Emmett Atwater, a teen from a future Detroit. Babel Corporations chose him to compete with nine other teenagers to get the chance to go to a new planet while working for Babel. Emmet Atwater and the other competitors are competing to go to space and receive a life-changing prize. Each competitor has their reasons for competing, but it’s still unclear why Babel specifically chose these youth. Babel corporations look to be hiding a lot from their recruits; it seems that many mysteries are waiting to be discovered. The ten competitors must go through daily competitions using a new substance called Nyxia. Emmet and the other competitors don’t start very well, but throughout the novel, they bond over the countless obstacles they overcome together.

In Nyxia the reader is met with twists and turns within the book; Nyxia leaves the reader always waiting for one surprise after another. Nyxia takes readers through an emotional roller coaster, containing many suspenseful and thrilling moments.The futuristic technology and new substance (Nyxia) that the author introduces intrigues the reader and brings them into the character’s world. All fiction readers should consider this book, as it is interesting, creative, and beautifully written; it leaves the reader wanting more. Out of ten, this book would be a light nine.