Yin Sau Lau/Staff reporter

Artemis Fowl is the first book of a fantasy book series for teenagers written by Eoin Colfer. The book series is famous and has even been produced as a movie.

The story is set in Ireland, ‘the most magical place on Earth, in the early twenty-first century. In this world, fairies and other magical creatures exist, but few people knew their existence because they live underground secretly.

The protagonist of the story, Artemis Fowl, is a twelve-year-old genius who takes charge of rebuilding his family fortune after his father disappeared. His mother goes into a state of insanity and depression because of the disappearance of Artemis’s father.

In this book, Artemis kidnapped a fairy, Holly, for a large amount of ransom—one ton of 24-carat gold. To achieve his goal, he translated the gnomish language of the fairies and planned well for the kidnap, it shows he is accomplished in his age.

At first, everything sounds good and successful, Artemis kidnapped a fairy with the help of his bodyguard, Butler, and Butler’s sister Juliet. But the fairies are armed and hard-bitten, Artemis made a mistake. Butler nearly died; the situation is out of control.

The story tells that true friends are rarely found, but once they are, they are there for life. Butler treated Artemis as a good friend, he never betrayed Artemis despite he had a risk in life. Without the help of a best friend, Artemis would not be able to achieve his goal.

In the climate of the story, the kidnapped fairy Holly chose to heal Butler. Although she was angry with Artemis, she still thinks nothing is worth more than the lives of people. This act changed Artemis, and he started to wonder if he really needs so much fortune.

Artemis changed his mind and ask Holly if she can give him a wish if he gives back the ransoms. Holly agreed and healed Artemis’s mother from insanity. Artemis realized that money is not the most important thing in life.

This story shows a message that people should think carefully before they act. In the story, Artemis is too nervous that he made a wrong decision which led to his failure. He didn’t think much before ordering Juliet, so it is too late when he found something wrong.

Another theme of this story is that there are many things more important than money. To gain money, Artemis nearly lost his life, but soon after he got the money, he was filled with emptiness. He finally realized what was more important to him after he hugged his mother.

This book is suitable for teenagers who enjoy fiction stories. It teaches readers a lesson while they are having fun with the humorous languages of the author.


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