Rodyn Rostam / Staff Reporter

The issue of school bullying is a problem for many countries worldwide even now. Every student, both young and old, will have an experience of being bullied or have stories of people they know who have been bullied.

Impact Bullying causes: Several studies have already been done to showcase the impact of bullying in everyone. Physical bullying is often the most common form of school bullying on male students, while female students are subjected to psychological bullying.

Victims of bullyingareusually unable to focus on their studies because they fear what their bullies will do with them if they suddenly do well in school or do something to their looks or academic performance.

If the bullying happens every day and if it is becoming severe, some will do their best to not even attend school so that they can avoid  their bullies. Because of this, their attendance rate is affected.

As victims are focused on trying to get away from their bullies, they won’t be able to focus on their normal activities because of the fear that their bullies will suddenly appear out of nowhere. They will also be self-aware of their performance because their bullies may use it as a reason to harass them further.

Some victims of being bullied may show signs of low appetite, and sleep because all they can think about is their experience in school. Some will be unable to eat because they associate eating time to be the time their bullies come to get their money, food, or to just push them around.

Students who get bullied experience: Headaches, Stomach Pain, Low self-confidence, Depression, and Violent outbreaks.

Victims for bullying are targeted for a variety of reasons: Because of their physical appearance, and Personal characteristics.

Unfortunately, there are teachers and parents alike that are unable to understand why it is essential to deal with school bullying and what the impact is on their children. Many adults may brush off bullying as a form of social rough play which can be dangerous and leave lasting impact on the child.

For Bullies, bullying is a way for them to get control over their own lives after several bad things happened to them such as their parents getting divorced, or a family member passing away. The bully may be suffering but in silence. 

Some things people can do to protect themselves from bullies is avoiding situations when they are wide open for attack, being sociable, learning to become self-confident and be encouraged to report and recognize any bullying they see or experience.


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