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Many students have had the experience of forgetting or not finishing some homework, only to find out that it is due to hand in that day. Some students scramble to finish what they can between classes, or during lunch, while others just give up, saying that it’s too late to do anything about it.

At Gleneagle Secondary school, as recently as 2019, a 30 minute study period which is the CL time was existed between the first and second class blocks of the day. (citation – office for old schedule) The intent was for students to use this time to finish any homework they had, or to have a little extra time to study for tests. Any students without schoolwork were expected to read or spend the time quietly. However, with the return to in-person schooling, this study period has disappeared, and has been added on to class time.

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 Though this change is part of the changes made in response to the effects of the pandemic, (teacher) however many of Gleneagle members believe that it would be beneficial for students if the CL block is brought back.

“I really miss the CL time. When I finished my job after school I always got tired, so I often used the CL time to finish my works that I had,” said Jesse Niemi grade 12”.

This opinion was also true for the students that were transferred from other schools.

“I want the CL time back. Even though I was not in this school before, my old school had a study block just like CL, and I liked it because I can do my homework and projects, or do something good for me like reading a book or studying during that time. Considering I can get more time to work on school things, it was an important time for me, “said Daniel Jee grade 11.”

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 However, there were also objections within the Gleneagle community. There was concern that students were using the time inappropriately.

”There were students who used their CL time efficiently. However, since most of the students played with their cell phones or friends rather than working on given assignments, it seemed that it is not a bad to remove CL time from the schedule,” said Jensen Grace, Science instructor at Gleneagle Secondary school. She also added that the students could not receive a proper education due to the Corona Pandemic.

“Last year, classes were held online, so it seemed that proper instruction could not be carried out, compared to the previous years. So I think it would be better to take have extended classes to review material with teachers, in place of CL time.”

 Above all else, it is difficult for the Gleneagle community to make a decision right away with the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing. According to Dr. Zain Chagla, an infectious disease specialist in Hamilton, Ont., and an associate professor at McMaster University, the pandemic will end but coronavirus that causes COVID-19 will likely stick around even after the pandemic ends. “Cold, flu and COVID, you know, at the end of the day, it may just be one of these illnesses,” said Zain Chagla

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