Rodyn Rostam / Staff Reporter

When Greg Heffley’s town unplugs and goes electronic free due to an petition by his mom.

But modern life has its conveniences and Greg isn’t cut out for an old-fashioned world. Will Greg find a way to survive?

I found diary of a wimpy kid old school to be funny and interesting, when his mom managed to sign enough signatures for her petition for no electronics for 2 days for the whole city, Greg now had to ditch electronics.

For the First time Greg had to go old school for the first time, learn new things, and get new hobbies, so he can survive in the “real world” and interact with others in person instead of online.

This book is special because no other wimpy kid book has shown Greg going old school, in fact it gives people old-school vibes.

The theme of this book is “family” which is an important part of this book.

My favorite part was when Greg’s grandpa had a giant party in the house with so many people, He was only going to invite one person but accidently pressed the send all button.

They almost crashed the car.

But I will say that the Silas Scratch part was cool but if a 7-year-old fears the dark and reads the Silas Scratch part of the book at night he will probably not even be able to sleep.

I would say age 8+ Is ok for reading this book.

this is a brand-new concept the author has done.

If I would rate this book, I would say 4/5

It was a funny book, but I think the Author could have added some more funny things in the story.

In my opinion The Silas Scratch Part was a good idea but There were some Jokes that easily could have been added in the story.