Kanamu Kobayashi/Staff reporter 

This wonderful book “The Name of the Wind” written by Patrick Rothfuss, is like the Harry Potter series written by J. K Rowling, with a bit more thrill and survival. Where the protagonist, a young boy, goes through many stages of his life and how he became a living legend.  

 This story starts with an interesting perspective with a group of men in an inn talking, and the owner with red hair and green eyes join and talks about demons. The inn owner has many names, Rashi, Kote, Kvothe through out his life, and his adventures. 

In the first part of this book goes through Kvothe’s childhood and things he experienced as a child. Such as traveling the world as a performer. In this book there are some fantasy features, which in this world, if you know the true name of certain objects you can control them. His very first mentor, Abenthy, was an arcanist, which is kind of like a wizard but less fancy, they did not have wands. Kvothe saw him controlling the wind which made him want Abenthy to be a part of his troupe so that he could get taught. Kvothe was born a genius, he was a very quick learner and was very fast at catching onto things. There is also a school called the University in this world where they would learn to become an arcanist, you would learn basic science and many other things required to become an archanist.  

In this story young Kvothe goes through many hardships and sorrows to find out the name of the wind and find out who and what killed his parents. He meets a guy in the forest being attacked by a bunch of demons, which in this case were huge spiders that have very sharp legs which cut like a knife. Kote, rescues this man and brings him to his inn, which turns out he was one of his old college’s apprentices, he was a storyteller. Kvothe, now Kote was went on many adventures and earned himself great titles like, Kvothe the Arcane and Kvothe the king killer. He wanted to know about his great adventures, so this whole story is about Kote telling his story about his past self. Which is interesting because I have never read any books that start from a third person point of view and change to first person view.  

The Author, Patrick Rothfuss is very good at describing a scenery in the book. While I was reading, it created a vivid image in my head easily as his descriptions were very detailed, which makes you more sucked into the world and the story line, which I think is an important piece when reading a story.


The name of the wind, book cover

The name of the wind, audio book


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