Ian Baird / Staff reporter 

Homicidal Physio Jungle Cat, a comic book by Bill Watterson has it all for capturing your attention no matter your age.  

This is a collection of comic strips about a six-year-old boy named Calvin and his stuffed tiger (Hobbes) who go on wild adventures, and cause mischief. To Calvin, Hobbes is a real tiger, but he is an inanimate object. 

If you have a bad day, just read this Calvin and Hobbes book. It will brighten your mood in seconds. Each book always starts with a good strip, the punch line of all comics, a buildup. This book’s main genre is comedy. 

“Oh good, a True or false test! At last, some clarity! Every sentence is either pure sweet truth or a vile contemptible lie! One or the other! Nothing in between!” Calvin pulls out a coin and starts flipping it. 

This is a not all fun and games strip because it makes you think a lot deeper, Calvin, “dad why does soldiers killing each other solve the world’s problems?” Calvins dad, “…..” Calvin, “I think grownups just act like they know what they are doing.” How did Calvin know such a deep and dark question when he was six, maybe it because he watches a lot of TV, or he overhears stuff about war when adults are talking. Calvins dad when he paused was a strong image because it’s a feeling of realization of the wrongs of society. 

Any Calvin and Hobbes book appeals to young and old because of how the lessons that involve successes and failures. It is drawn in a form that will make a child read it and make the wording of the dialog appropriate for the child. An adult could also understand it and not get bored and call it childish because the moral of the story is there but shown as a cartoon. Students like tis comic because of the pranks and jokes that Calvin and Hobbes do. 

“Here are ordinary people having actual horrible experiences which are broadcast nationwide for the publics viewing amusement” 

This comic gets an 8.5 out of 10 from me because, in this book you will have a guaranteed laugh, but still get a mature sense of the world around you. That’s what makes all these comics by Bill Watterson best sellers. It speaks to your inner care free child and makes think what it means to become a responsible adult. The key lessons that are drawn on paper appeal to a child’s identity.  

Mel Baird-feature image drawing