Valentina Buendía / Staff reporter 

Escape from Asylum is a creepy prequel to Madeleine Roux’s original Asylum series. It is a horror fiction book told by the main character that covers topics of friendship, monsters, enemies, among others, with photographs that help you imagine and see what it would look like.  

In this book, 16-year-old Ricky Desmond gets unjustly admitted into Brookline Hospital, where he is going to be treated for “deviance.” Even though this is not the first time he has been admitted a psychiatric institution, he knows that this one is different. He feels like he does not belong there because he is not like the others and unlike the other institutions, this time he is not able to contact his mother to get him out, no matter how hard he tries.

In his stay at the hospital, he makes new friends, like Kay, formerly known as Keith, and the kind nurse who tries to help him, and discovers and tries to solve the mysteries of this place and plans his escape. He can hear screams at night, where are they coming from? This and more will be revealed throughout the book.

This is a perfect book for those who are interested in the mystery and suspense category and are looking to be entertained with a good read.  

This is an enjoyable and entertaining novel that keeps the reader hooked wondering what will happen next and whether Ricky will make it out or not. It also resembles a little bit about American Horror Story’s “Asylum”, which was the second season of the television show. Overall, it may be more suitable for younger audiences since it may be more appealing and relatable to teenagers than adults, however, adults may still like it.