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November 11, 1918, was the day that it was finally agreed to end the World War l. This war had been going on for over four years and a crazy amount of the population had been killed and injured in those four years.

67,000 Canadians died and 173,000 were wounded in the war, they risked their lives trying to protect and serve their country and that is why to this day, after more than 100 years of the end of the war, this day is honoured as Remembrance Day which was originally called Armistice Day.

Remembrance Day is important because this is a day to show love and respect not only to those who fought for this country and lost their lives trying to protect it but also to those who served on the home front.

If we are able to live in this country without having to be worried about our safety every second, it is because of those who had protected this country by fighting for it till their last breath.

So, at 11 am of each year’s Remembrance Day we take a few minutes of silence to honour and think about the people who have served for us and this country and continue to serve and protect it in any conflict.

We also will be showing our love and loss to the people who were in the war and their families by wearing red poppies, because poppies were a common sight on the battlefields during the first world war, especially on the western front and red poppies represent consolation, remembrance, and death.

By remembering their service and their sacrifice, we recognize the tradition of freedom these people fought and even lost their lives to preserve. These people believed that their actions in that time would make a significant difference for the future, but it is up to us to make sure that their dream of peace is realized.

Wearing poppies might not seem like a big deal but, as the people who are living in Canada, wearing the poppies for two weeks leading up to Remembrance Day is a way of respect.

With everything that is going on in the world due to covid, the schools were still able to present Remembrance Day in such a meaningful way and tried their best to make it memorable for those who served us, it is so heartbreaking to hear the amount of pain and suffer they had to go through in order to protect their country, their home and their people.

So it is incredibly important to keep honouring this day because this is also one of the biggest and most important holidays and events that has happened in Canada, and we are the ones who are responsible for honouring this day.

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