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Now that 86.402% of BC residents are double vaccinated, some places require proof of vaccination. Covid-19 vaccine cards are a way to show that you are vaccinated. For example, when entering restaurants, movie theaters, gyms, and majority of indoor events proof of vaccination is required. Proof of vaccination is not required for food trucks, food courts, grocery stores and public transportation but you still need to wear a mask. For example, at a restaurant everyone would be fully vaccinated and could have their masks off. Having only fully vaccinated people would lower the risk of Covid-19 transmission. But sometimes they can be inconvenient when you forget your picture ID or if you’re not fully vaccinated because restaurants won’t let you in. It is inconvenient to many people that can’t get vaccinated because of religious or health reasons. 

Having only vaccinated people in a place makes a feeling of safety and makes people worry less about people around them. With this mandate, it has had some effects on some places that don’t follow this rule which cause them to shut down. With businesses shutting down it causes a bit of conflict. This mandate is also causing some concerns with fraud and privacy. As people aren’t fully vaccinated the mandate could encourage them to create a fake certificate with causes health and security concerns. 

Dr. Clara Holinaty, a saskatoon family doctor, shared troubling stories she heard about the health care system. “We’ve heard stories of people stealing stocks of vaccine cards and filling them out fraudulently and selling them to people” she said “We’ve heard stories of health-care workers who are certified to be private Covid test providers offering to sell fraudulent results to people and the most concerning thing is that when other people within our system become aware of these, they are worried about reporting them because they don’t have an anonymous way to do so.”

With this information it shows how it causes people to use fakes which doesn’t help with the use of them.



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