Mira Khang / Staff Reporter

Over 2020 – 2021, Covid 19 restrictions in BC has affected many teenagers and their mental health. With these restrictions, normal lives have changed to be very isolated and lonely which causes problems to health. Mental health is very important because it includes the way we show emotions and the way we think. With Covid-19 restrictions teens have found that it causes anxiety and stress. Even though this pandemic has put many restrictions on our lives this was how some high school students got through it.

“Wearing a mask makes communication with other people difficult, and it is difficult to recognize facial expressions. These problems made me exhausted and passive.” says Yedam Jang, a student in grade 11. “Also because of Covid-19 many events and festivals have been canceled, so I feel like I have a very boring school life. Because of the restrictions there are many ups and downs, the Halloween Movie Night was rejected by Ms. Yu, and I was very depressed.” She explained “I am having a hard time in situations outside of schools like tutoring, volunteer work, and club activities because the number of people gathering is limited, and the number of activities that can be done is reduced. I couldn’t handle it; we are doing our best within restrictions”

“With covid restrictions, it has been difficult to get out more and I haven’t been able to spend time with my friends as much as I could before Covid-19” says Bahar Hariri a grade 9 student at Gleneagle. “Spending time alone did worsen my anxiety because I overthink a lot when I am Isolated. At school, it was fine at first when we started learning virtually but as I spent more time online, I couldn’t stay focused but as we went back to in person, I was able to pay attention better.”

She continued, “to cope with this pandemic, spending quality time with my family and spending time with friends virtually was something I did consistently.



Mental Health

Anxiety Caused by Covid-19



Mental Health



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