Yin Sau Lau/Staff reporter

The 2021 Fall concert was held on Wednesday, October 27 in the evening after school. There were six different groups of performers which are vocal jazz, concert choir, JR concert band, SR concert band, and jazz band, in ascending order. The concert was held by online streaming.

The Fall Concert is the first music show of the year. It is also the first show in Gleneagle for some students. “I have never performed in a choir before, it is so exciting to have my first performance in Gleneagle, I prepared a lot for this show,” said Jayjyn Li, grade 9 and An Alto singer from the choir 

“The teacher advised us not to drink soft drinks for a few days before the concert to protect our throatsit is so painful but worth keeping the best status on that day. I drink so much warm water and wear a scarf these days, really looking forward to singing on Wednesday!” She said. 

The music departments arrived at school early at 6.00 pm for the soundcheck, they made good use of the preparation hours and the show started at 7.30 pm. 

“I am not so interested in music, but I think I will buy a ticket to see their performance if I have time, it is the result of their effort,”  said Sky Hong, grade12 student. 

The Fall Concert was not held physically, it was online streaming due to the serious covid-19. The link to the Concert can be found in the email sent on Monday, the suggested price of the concert is $5 per person. Students are recommended to share this link with all family and friends so that they can watch the show together. 

The music departments have been practicing for this show since the beginning of this semester.  

“This concert is a great opportunity for music students, it’s time to see the result of their daily practice. It could help students develop their interest in music. If the show is held physically, I definitely will attend to be an audience even I am a homestayer. I love to watch Glenaegle student’s show, it is a great time to relax,” said Hunter Brian, an EAL support teacher.

“It is a pity that the show will be in online streaming, but it will be a good chance to let music students look at the recording of the own show—sometimes students can’t hear their voice while singing, a recording can let them know how their voices are.” Added Hunter.

The concert choir performed two songs, the first song” I dreamed a dream” is from a famous film, “Les Miserables”, the second song ” Cantate Brasilia” is a Latin song composed by Canticum Novum. The name of this song means “New Song” in Latin. 

A lot of students who are new to Gleneagle joined choir this year, they don’t have much time to practice, but the new members have tried hard for this show, practicing a lot in both the choir meeting and at home.  

“I like the songs chosen for this concert so much, but I found it challenging to sing the note correctly at the beginning. I am new to the choir, so I don’t have experience related to the choir. The songs we sing in choir have a lot of differences from the pop songs we usually sing. We need to cooperate well with other members of the choir, sometimes we need to sing chords but not lyrics. Fortunately, the other choir members from upper grade are friendly and nice, most of them are willing to teach me patiently, I am now well prepared for the show.” Said Lucy Cao, a grade 9 choir member. 

Gleneagle Fall Concert 2021

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