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Every year in the fall, senior high school students in Canada start to work on their post-secondary applications and prepare for their future Education. This process becomes highly stressful and challenging for seniors.
Lots of students wonder every year how to get into post-secondary and what requirements are needed. Pauline Chau, the post-secondary counsellor, gave us some general requirements for students applying to post-secondary.

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“[Students] have to be strong in academics and achieve good grades in all courses. Show leadership and teamwork. Also, they should have a good personality, “said Chau. “Students should have experiences like workshops, volunteering and sports to develop their skills, especially communication.”

Several seniors spoke about what they are doing to help improve their application.
Nika Yazdani, grade 12, the Kpop dance club leader, spoke about how getting involved in clubs has helped her post-secondary application a lot.

Javier Su Quia, grade 12, spoke on his application as well “[he has] done volunteering in the food bank. Within the school, [currently] doing cross country basketball and volleyball. [he has] also joined the eCommerce club, which can help bolster [his] resume.”

Chau, the post-secondary counsellor, stated that students should research their future Education is essential. “A good example is Waterloo, which pays for one year of your school if you do not get hired once your program is over.”
Seniors had different and unique ways of preparing for post-secondary.

Su Quia stated, “[he created] an application recently, and [his] preparations started in grade eleven because grade eleven mattered in terms of grades.” He added, “also, [my] preparation is continuing into the first semester of grade twelve.”

While Yazdani stated, “[she] started preparing in grade eleven because those are the most important courses when it comes to applications usually. [she] started preparing [her] portfolio and applications this year, and [she] has already submitted a few.”

Feeling anxiety or pressure is part of the post-secondary transition, and many students experience it.
The post-secondary counsellor recommended that students start preparing for post-secondary starting grade ten because part of the stress comes from immediately choosing a career. She introduced some sources to students, including My blueprint and Education planner B.C. She strongly recommended them to all grade tens in the school.

Spencer Thomas, grade 10, spoke about his post-secondary preparation and said, “[he has] not done much. [he has] looked into a few university courses but nothing else.”

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Surprisingly out of the seniors that were interviewed, many of them felt little pressure or stress.
Su Quia said, “Honestly, no pressure. [he has] been taking my time going smoothly, taking things at my pace. [his] parents have been nudging me a little bit, but they do not want [him] to do things [he] would not be comfortable with.”

Yazdani stated, “[she] would not say [that she is stressed], maybe [her] parents put a little pressure on [her] because they think [she] should go to the highest university until [she does] the research, but no [personal pressure].”

Su Quia advised future seniors to “take things day by day to not look too far into the past or too far into the future”

There are many different views on post-secondary, but post-secondary is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If a student wishes to go, it is best to be informed.

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