On last September 30, Canada marked the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. It is an anniversary created for children who died while attending residential schools, survivors, families, and communities who are still affected by the residential school system. The day coincides with Orange Shirt Day, which began in 2013, inspired by Finn, a boarding school survivor who lost her orange shirt on the first day of school. 

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Gleneagle students’ opinions on this day were similar. Gleneagle students said it is essential for us, and they also expressed their opinion on what Canada should do in the future. 

“I think that is it a very well needed day of reflection. This event in history has been a sorrowful past for everyone.” Gleneagle student Eugene Oh said. “I think a day of truthfulness and healing is the key for this past to close and help people to move on from. I think I learned and reflected on this through this day, and I think it is the right thing to do.” She said that people need sincere apology and reflection from the government to move forward. “I think that this finding of bodies of children young and old have been a shocking and kind of like a wake up call for the government and people who have just been letting things slide. I think there was a much needed apology from the government that was truthful and really reflective of the past.” 


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Another student of Gleneagle, Renee Kim said “I think the Day of Truth and Reconciliation is crucial because as people who reside within this land, we need to acknowledge that terrible things have happened in the past.” She said people should keep trying to remember this. “It is important that we do our part by reflecting on Canada’s past and spreading news. It is unfortunate that the Indigenous peoples have died.” 

Dana Kim, grade 11 answered “First of all, I think this day is necessary and I feel sorry for the victims, and the government must sincerely reflect on the past and apologize to them. Also, people should continue to pay attention and remember to prevent this from happening again. 


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