Dominic Runghen / staff reporter

Soccer is way better than basketball because it takes a lot of stamina to play, you are running on huge field for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Many people say soccer is a soft sport, well the truth its more physical than you expect. You need to have strong upper body strength or else you will get pushed off the ball easily. It is also very common to get leg injuries due to people slide tackling you at full speed.

I feel that basketball does not have any contact because if you slap the opponent’s hand lightly unintentionally while trying to grab the ball it is a foul, or if someone is going up for a lay up and you accidentally touch them, it is a foul.

another reason soccer is better is because it is known for being the best sport in the world. If people cannot afford a soccer ball, they will use a tennis ball or even a can, soccer players do not care if they get accused of being soft, the sports about passion.

The best part about soccer is that your height doesn’t matter unlike basket ball Reasons Why Soccer Is Better than Basketball | Cleats (, in fact the smaller you are the more skillful your are, that maybe the case for basketball but if a small person goes up for a shot they can easily get blocked.

Many people think basketball has higher intensity than soccer, but the truth is when playing soccer, you must be aware of many things at once. Its hard to make good passes that cut through the defensive line, or when you have the ball you need to be able to have enough skill to shake the defender and take off the other direction. In basketball they can dribble past the defender and shoot a 3-point shot hoping it goes in, or if you are tall you can dunk on the defender.

an argument made by many people is that soccer is boring to watch and it there is not much scoring involved. I think its way better that way because it makes goals more exciting and stressful at times. The beginning of the game is slow but when there is a lot at stake, the ending of the game becomes so stressful you want to turn off the TV, or so exciting you want to run around the street with your shirt off screaming.

It is also proven that playing with your feet is much harder than playing with your hands. Reasons Why Soccer Is Better than Basketball | Cleats (

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