Joon Lee / Staff reporter

Basketball and soccer have each own pros and cons. But the basketball has more pros than soccer. 

First, Basketball is indoor exercise. This mean it can be playing every four seasons. When summer, basketball use air conditional to cool down the court. Also, basketball is not influencing the weather when playing it. 

However, soccer is outdoor exercise. So, the weather has a lot of influence when playing soccer. It is able to playing soccer when weather is rainy or snowy, but it is more harder than basketball

Second, Intensity. Both soccer and basketball are physically intensive sports, but there’s no question that basketball is played at a much faster pace.  

The game of basketball is so back and forth that there is never a dull moment. One minute you’re playing defense and the next you’re sprinting up the court trying to get an easy score on the break, then you’re hurling yourself back to try and stop the opponent doing the same. 

In soccer, if you’re an attacker and your team is defending then odds are, you’re standing on the halfway line hoping that you don’t concede. In basketball, every player is required to be switched on and engaged 100% of the time. 

Third, most basketball fans might argue that watching soccer is boring. Why is that? Many soccer matches end as a 0-0 draw, meaning that both teams can go for a whole 90-minute period without scoring.

Of course, this takes away the thrill of the sport. Soccer fans will argue that it is the most beautifully played sport in the world but some arguments fall on deaf ears when non-fans see some of the scores of soccer games.

As I said, basketball is a constant game where teams have a shot clock and run up and down the court at a much faster pace than soccer. Every player shows all skills to make the point.

This is why basketball have lots of iconic shots. Typically, there is a buzzer beater shot.


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Buzzer beater shot