Oliver Hum / Staff reporter

There is a lot of controversy between which is better, being tall or being short. This article will be explaining why being short is superior.

According to a study by BBC, your height impacts everything “from your sexual allure to your bank account and lifespan.” Abraham Lincoln was the tallest president ever at 6ft 4in. BBC says it is “confirming the correlation, a recent study found that taller candidates do indeed tend to receive more votes.” BBC also says, even beyond the white house, taller people in general are considered more intelligent, healthy, dominant, and are more likely to be chosen for more competitive jobs. People naturally associate height with dominance and greatness which are both crucial traits for being a leader.  

Picture from nydailynews

Height also reflects nutrition as a child, meaning that it reflects how you were raised. This may help influence education and success in life later on. 

Although being tall sounds like it has many advantages, being short also has many upsides to it as well. BBC also says, “taller people might seem to win the dating game, but that doesn’t always translate into success.” 

Even though being tall has many perks to it, being short is much better.  

Many short athletes have put in extra work and training in order to catch up with the taller athletes. While this may seem unproductive because they’re only catching up with them rather than surpassing them, it helps build work ethic. Some of these athletes include Jose AltuveMuggsy Bogues, and Lionel Messi, who are all under 5’8. 

Jose Altuve (5’6) standing next to Aaron Judge (6’7)

Tall people are a lot more prone to injury than short people. “Shorter people have less distance to fall. According to one estimate, someone who is 20% taller will build up twice as much kinetic energy during a fall.” says BBC. This means that shorter people are less likely to get fatally hurt because when falling, there is not as large of a distance as a tall person. “Women taller that 5ft 8in are twice as likely to fracture their hip as women who are just 5ft 2in.” says BBC

There are also a lot of scientific reasons why being short is better than being tall. According to BBC, “taller people seem to suffer as they get older. For instance, the bigger you are, the more cells you have in your body, increasing your risk of mutations developing that could cause cancer.”   

Small bodies have many physical advantages which are beneficial in a variety of sports. On BBC, it says “It takes less time for a nerve impulse to travel the lengths of their limbs to their brains.” This essentially means that people with smaller bodies should have faster reaction time. According to tallmenshoes, smaller bodies also have greater endurance and can rotate the body faster. As a result of this, people who are shorter tend to do better in a variety of different sports such as gymnastics, rock climbing, martial arts, long distance running, etc.  

To conclude, being shorter is better than being tall because of the many attributes it possesses. Including lower chance for cancer, and physical attributes that help with success in sports.