Alexis Nguyen / Edge Columnist

High school students are very familiar with homework. It is an activity that many students dread, but homework is beneficial and necessary towards students’ learning.

Bringing work home from school is a good way to continue learning and to review information taught in class. This way, class time is spent on learning the information while homework is used to help with reviewing and retaining.

Students usually remember half of what is taught in a lesson, meaning whatever information retained has to be built on at home in order for them to preserve that knowledge.

With learning time extended from school hours, it provides an opportunity for students to enhance their understanding of the materials. Students who are able to fully comprehend lessons from classes are more likely to perform better.

Doing homework helps develop many different life skills, including organization and time management. More often than not, students have homework for multiple classes, thus they will need to keep track of deadlines.

Students will also learn to prioritize and space out assignments to get them done in the most efficient way possible, while working around other extracurriculars and activities outside of school.

Furthermore, homework will become a routine for students. Homework may require a lot of time to complete, so having a solid routine will allow students to tackle the work given to them.

Students can also build their self-discipline and responsibility skills, as homework requires students to do the work at their own time, meaning they are the ones who have to be responsible and get the work done.

These skills will build good habits and not only help students in school but will help them in other parts of their life, including after graduation.

In addition, teachers will be able to use homework as a measure of students’ progress. By letting them do the work on their own, teachers can get an accurate evaluation of how well they understand what is being taught in class. This also trains students to be able to solve problems and work independently.

The home environment for some students might be a better place to get work done, as it will make students more comfortable being in familiar surroundings. In healthy home environments, parents can also get involved, whether its answering questions students are afraid of asking the teacher, or for parents to see what students are learning when they spend all that time at school.

Homework is an activity that allows students to expand their learning past school hours, and although students may not enjoy completing their homework, it is beneficial and will train them to use many different skills and tools for the rest of their lives.



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