Jett Debartolo / staff reporter 

Facebook now has 2.5 billion users but when it first started on February 4, 2004 it had only up to 450 users as it was only meant for Harvard students to be able to reach each other digitally to everyone being able to reach each other digitally. 

the most followers on Facebook is Cristiano Ronaldo with 148,538,683 followers which is insane amount of people to be following you online.

Facebook has new ways to find and deleting or even contact authorities with child exploitation and overall illegal things now it gives you a warning giving you a second chance to think about what you are about to post.

Facebook is the future is showing us the future of social media with all of their new updates like Facebook news better ways of finding bad things that need to be removed or shown to the police and even the future of life as of their new smart glasses showing things that are crazy one thing as face recognition you only really see in video games. 

Facebook is the biggest social media app right now and we can probably see that for a couple more years as of now YouTube is at 2,000,000,000 but Facebook is at 2,5000,000,000 even though Instagram is catching up that doesn’t mean Facebook isn’t going up either and faster and it’s hard to tell when Facebook will collapse at any moment.

Facebooks users are giving miss information about lots of things one these things are covid 19 vaccines. “As of March 1, there were more than 432,000 Facebook users who liked pages or joined groups that shared misinformation related to the pandemic, compared to 291,200 users in September 2020”