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Minecraft is a popular video game in the world. Everyone around the world enjoys this game, and many servers are created in Minecraft. Among them, there is a slightly special sever.

This server, run by a user named AutismFater, it is a server that prohibits theft, swearing, and bullying. But this server has many differences from other normal servers.

If new user enter the server for the first time, dozens of users will welcome new user, tour the map and guide the server, and the administrator of the game will also operate and manage the server all day long.

However, not only does this server make so much money for so many administrators to operate, and surprisingly, the donation that allows this server to run is often paid by people who do not play this game.

The identity of this strange server, which says the operator has quit his job to run the server, is name of Autcraft, that a server for children with autism. AutismFather is the father of children with autism.

He usually plays Minecraft with his children. Children gained great pleasure in the Minecraft world without external threats. During the children playing this game, the children were greatly helped to communicate with their families, learn new words, and develop patience and creativity.

However, although Minecraft is such a great help, there were many difficulties in playing games with others in multi-games. There were many people who were aggressive or harassed other users on online servers, so there were many big problems for these children to play multi games with others.

To solve this problem, AutismFater began to find a solution with parents that who have other autistic children. And the server made for children with autism is Autcraft.

And even research papers about this server came out. In it, author cover of the guidelines that Autismfather used when he created server. That guidelines is help to encourage people to be their very best. The communication, It can be tough for kids with autism. It could be tough for grown-ups without autism.

Autismfather think that kids should not be punished, they should be talked to. So the administration in the server show to autism children that people respect them enough to listen to their point of view. This method improve the communication skills of children with autism.

This server, which was made by Autismfather, became a place for children to communicate and relax with their families. The administrators consult with children in the server, and there are phone numbers on one wall of the server that they can ask for help at any time.


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