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When Gina Carano went on the Mandalorian in episode 4 season 1, shortly after the show aired she quickly became very popular with the fans of the show however since she shared a post comparing The current political climate with Nazi Germany, she was let go by her superiors February 11. Since then, many other fans have come to her support claiming she is a victim of cancel culture.

“And I’m watching other people on the same production and they can say whatever they want, and that’s where I had a problem” says Carano.

This is also not the first time she has gotten in trouble with the media. one of the first incidents was during September when she addressed people using trans-friendly pronouns by updating her twitter bio with “Beep/bop/boop”

Another example of one of Gina’s twitter controversies was during the black lives matter protests where she had taken on someone who told her that the protestors were simply trying to educate her so that people could get on the right side of history. to that she explained that “these people were not educators, they are cowards and bullies” she replied to Vanity Fair

Another one of her co-stars Bill Burr (first appearance in the Mandalorian season 1 episode 6) who plays Migs Mayfield on the Mandalorian has said “she is an absolute sweetheart. Super nice f*cking nice person”. He also says that he must be very careful when censoring himself because he is also on the show.

Carano started getting the hashtag #fireGinaCarano shortly after sharing her harsh comments. She also claimed she was being bullied by Disney for being a conservative and they were looking for ways to get rid of her.

Celebrities do have the right to speak their opinion just like anyone else. but they also have to be aware that a lot of people listen to what they have to say, and it rarely goes unnoticed. Often times celebrities forget that they do not have private social media accounts and the things they say represent the films they’re in and the people they work with.

Social media is part of a celebrity’s job because they usually us it to promote themselves or things they’re involved in.


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