Josh Abel/ Edge columnist

Tiger Woods underwent emergency surgery on Tuesday, February 28, 2021, after a car crash early Tuesday morning. His car spun off the road and he suffered comminuted open fractures to both upper and lower parts of his tibia and fibula in his right leg.

He is currently resting in the hospital, the Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has said Woods will not be brought up on charges. Many people are praying for a safe and hopefully speedy recovery. The golf world was shocked and saddened to hear about the news of Wood’s accident, many of his fellow pro golfers reached out almost immediately to check if he was alright.

Wood’s was shown support this weekend by a number of pros repping Wood’s trademark Sunday outfit, his redshirt at the concession Golf Club. He later tweeted that night thanking them for showing their support.

Many people expected Tiger to surpass pro-golfer Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major championship wins, Tiger is currently sitting in second place at 15 major championship wins. Since a young age, he has been working towards this title and hopefully, he will push through and break the record.

Tiger has been through many different injuries in his golfing career such as

  • ligament damage
  • Multiple injuries to both of his Achilles
  • Elbow surgeries
  • Four back surgeries
  • Five knee surgeries
  • Multiple car accidents

In the past, he has managed to come back from all of these injuries and win majors quite unexpectedly. Many people are wondering if this will be the end of Tiger’s career or if he will persevere like the times before. I think Tiger has made it back before and he could totally make it back this time, however, golf is a game of mental strength and toughness. This could be the point where he has been shaken up a little too much.

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