Joshua Mah / Staff reporter

On July 27, 1962 Martin Luther King Junior was arrested and jailed for hosting a protest, which the government did not allow in Birmingham, Alabama. He was taken to court for his actions and was taken to Birmingham prison, where black people had a hard life to live in. People around the world found that disturbing, disgusting and did not deserve to go to jail.

Martin Luther King Jr. proved himself that the police were wrong and had a right to start and organize a protest. Two years after his arrest, he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize and in 1986, his name became a special federal holiday because his death sparked huge nationwide riots. If he were still alive today and weren’t assassinated, he would be inspiring everyone around the world.

Similar last year, people are angry about the police abusing black people like George Floyd and others. Police have upset the black people so much that the protesters are demanding the government to defund them and they also wanted to paint words “black lives matter” on a street in Washington, D.C.

These situations are always disturbing and disgusting and the police here are not doing their job at all because the police are there to help people, not to abuse or use force against others in a extreme way.

When they arrested George Floyd, the police pinned him down and he wasn’t able to breathe. This is how millions of protests came about and those four policemen have been arrested for murdering.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s arrest and George Floyd’s death by police are related because both men are black and they were mistreated in a very devastating way, causing supporters and protestors to rage and make tons of violence, even today there’re still racist situations and problems and those men stood up for their race and are still remembered to this day.

If this happened in Gleneagle for example, it would be upsetting as well because we’re talking about kids in this situation here and they shouldn’t be treated poorly, and every school should treat everyone fairly and welcome


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