Jett Debartolo / Staff reporter

 Reporter Don Pittis states in his article that “Crypto currency is becoming the new gold”. And this might be true as even “Elon Musk has invested into bitcoin 1.5 billion US dollars”.

  Crypto currency is on the way to become something huge and gaining recognition from lots of people.

 myself have interviewed Sarah Clarke she says that there is a chance that this could be true in the future especially with people getting more into stocks and crypto currency because of Covid 19. Currently with people not being able to work or struggling to make money.

also Interviewed Isaiah Ross says he sees lots. of videos on Tiktok and instagram trying to help people out that are affected by the pandemic about stocks crypto currency and more around the subject of crypto currency and it is for sure gonna be normalized and become popular very quick. as many young people. and even older people are seeing these videos and signing up.

 Crypto currency is getting big recognition on social media. Getting young people starting to invest as crypto currency is one hundred percent changing the world.

 As we are moving into the future, I think we can see more of crypto currency being used as it has impacted many peoples lives in good ways.

  It is something to learn when we’re all stuck inside and it isn’t hard to start. 

Don Pittis in his article says “According to a new generation in the financial industry, unless something gets in the way, crypto is on the path to even greater credibility and increased trading”.

As technology is going forward and having everyone using it especially with Covid crypto currency is on a very great way on becoming the new gold and like Isaiah Ross said videos showing people how get into investing are getting lots of views and lots of people are signing up to invest into crypto currency.