Ben Huszar / Staff Reporter

It’s not news that school looks very different this year. COVID-19 has changed almost every facet of normal life, and school is no exception.  Classes have gotten smaller and schedules have changed drastically. We’re only in school for short periods at a time, we are about to switch to an online hybrid learning system and we are all wearing masks. 

Transitioning into the new way of life has been very difficult for some students and for others it hasn’t really been a problem. “Not much has changed, except that there are fewer contacts with other students.” said Gabrielle Robles, grade 12, as a lot of teachers already had separate seats to prevent cheating and/or copying between students. However, some students are concerned about the change. “ I am concerned that near the end of the quarter, all of the big projects will be rushed, and we will get little time to work on them,” stated Evan Shelkie, grade 11, also adding that the quarter system makes classes “more rushed because it’s only a quarter year and we sometimes only go to class two days a week.” Stress due to rushed classes, a lack of “semester breaks”, and a confusing and poorly explained new schedule seems to be a concern among students, “It’s like being in grade nine again. It seems complicated, but we can get used to it,” commented Robles.

We are all wishing for life to go back to normal but the road ahead is anything but certain. We all have to stick together to do our part in making sure we keep ourselves and others safe. It might be difficult but we have to remember that we are all in this together and that we can get through this. 

For information surrounding Covid-19, visit: 

Mental health resources can be found on the Gleneagle website under counselling.