Carter Newson / Staff reporter

The Talons and leadership classes at Gleneagle have teamed up to knit and crochet warm clothes for the homeless people of Vancouver.

Since December the students in the Talons program and Leadership class have been teaching each other how to knit and crochet to contribute.

“I’m really passionate about knitting, a bunch of people in our class were eager to learn a new skill, so we got enough people to start the project.”  –Mel Baird, grade 10

Scarves, hats, and socks have been made to donate to shelters.

Homelessness has been a problem in Vancouver since the Eighties due to housing prices and lack of income.

There are over 2000 homeless people in Vancouver with the third highest amount of homeless per capita at 0.27%.

With Winter and Covid-19 it’s harder for homeless people of Vancouver to live than in recent years.

“We’re knitting and crocheting to create larger amounts of supplies we can donate.” –Glen Gordan, grade 9.

The Talons try unique charity events every year.

 Other Gleneagle students can donate by dropping off their own knitted clothes in a bin labelled by the office.

Donating clothes is a helpful way to contribute to homeless and make living easier.

The Talons standing up and helping the homeless is another shining example of students’ generosity for the community at Gleneagle.