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On April 10, 2005 Tiger Woods won the 2005 master tournament. In that tournament, Tiger Woods delivered one of the most iconic shots in Masters history. The reason why this shot is iconic is this shot is almost impossible. The ball delicate, dangerous thing of beauty that spent far more time traveling backward than forward before breaking to a stop, and then, somehow, falling into the cup. The moment his ball entered the cup, all the crowd on the pitch cheered and in the commentators of the broadcast were amazed.

Among them CBS’s American sports caster Verne Lundquist said “Here it comes … Oh, my goodness! … OH, WOW! IN YOUR LIFE, have you seen anything like that?!”

The thrilling final was followed by a two-man duel between Tiger Woods and Chris DiMarco. After 18 turns, the Tiger Woods ended up winning.

When Tiger Woods won the masters tournament, He was only 29 years old and won total ninth wins in major tournaments. But that was the end of his master tournament victory. 2005 was his last win. However, 14 years later, When the 83rd Masters tournament started. Tiger Woods won the 2019 Masters tournament.

As is traditional, Tiger Woods was interviewed in Butler Cabin, where he discussed his victory: “…. It is one of the hardest I have ever had to win. I was close last year in the majors. I learned from those and was able to seal the deal today.”

Tiger Woods in 2021 having a hard time on his life. In Feb 23, 2021 He had a big car accident in USA – Tiger Woods’s traffic accident. He was badly injured on a steep highway in Los Angeles. He is undergoing leg surgery now.


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