Bodhi Jordan/Staff reporter

Former United States GOP Marjorie Greene has been spreading certain conspiracy theories on social media.

On January 29 of 2021, Global News published a story about the GOP’s social media history, posting about several conspiracy theories.

In 2018, Greene stated that she believed that California’s devastating Camp Fire was caused by an unnamed rich Jewish family using a “space laser”. The Camp Fire, which happened in November of 2018, killed 86 people across California’s Butte County.

This conspiracy theory, which is rooted in blatant antisemitic ideals, was shared on Facebook by the GOP.

On the 5th of February 2020, the BBC published a story about how certain political figures attempted to take Greene out of power, including all of the Democratic Party and 11 Republican representatives. The act has now passed, and Greene has now been taken out of power.

The people of the United States are also trying to get social media to take her down much like certain platforms did to Donald Trump before the end of his presidency so she can be stopped from spreading any more corrosive opinions.