Eric Kim/Staff reporter

News media, meant to show the “real news” to the public, and to reveal the “truth” is notoriously known for being bias in all kinds of spectrums. Articles presented to the audience have a varying range of influence from powerful figures in the world, becoming the base for people’s opinions and therefore creating bias. This bias is created with the intent of persuading the target demographic into thinking about what the news media wants them to think. The topic of halting immigration can also be seen as targetting specific demographics effectively creating bias during the outbreak.

CBC’s biased article goes through about how the pandemic actually gave reason for Trump to end asylum at U.S borders, giving claim that this is all apart of Trump’s anti-immigration agenda. “Trump has used the virus to effectively end asylum at U.S. borders, including turning away children” says the Associated Press. The article also mentions how he used this same method of immigration through media to help him win the 2016 election, it effectively transfers the message over that he is manipulating media to get his initial intentions. The target demographic is presented with past immigration events with trump and using that bias.

 A New York Times article on the topic targets the immigrants’ side of the spectrum. They get the point across by saying the facts, then connecting it with the broadening of families and expanding on what could happen in the future if the immigration halt was to be extended.  “ Families that have waited years to be reunited, businesses that rely on foreign workers, universities that recruit international students – all of their plans faced new uncertainty on Tuesday as the Trump administration announced new temporary restrictions on permanent residency in the United States,” said Caitlin Dickerson and Miriam Jordan. A picture of the president of Microsoft talking about how immigrants were “vital to our company & the nation’s economy.” which is completely unrelated to the actual subject at hand exhibiting the bias intentions. The article has an emotional point of view focusing on families and loved ones, using it to show that Trump’s call on limiting green cards maybe was not the best idea.

Another biased article on CTV expresses how the immigration limit will actually help in American favor in the economy after the coronavirus dies down. “the controversial move would help Americans find work again after coronavirus caused a surge in unemployment – his move would help Americans who have lost their jobs during the ongoing shutdown.” said CTV news AFP Staff. CTV mentions how Trump’s decision to halt immigration will ultimately help America’s economy and give Trump’s initially thought rational decision, into a genuinely thought out plan for the better of America.

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