Christian Castillo/ Staff reporter

Coquitlam high school students Kevin gong Gong, Yoonha lee both grade 12 and Masa Wong grade 11 are getting ready to spend one night out on the streets. They are part of a group of students that are participating in Gleneagles eighth annual sleep out. They are doing this so they can raise awareness about homeless youth and raise some money so they can give it to the covenant house which helps all the homeless people.

Normally students who participate in the sleepout would be sleeping at the front of the school but because of the pandemic they are forced to find ways of their own in order to sleep rough.

Gong, Lee and Wong have been looking around in their neighborhoods to find places that could work as a shelter like sheds, garages and gardens. Their plans are for each of them to go to their own shelter and connect online so that way they can share each other’s thought through out the night, they will each receive a phone call at 6 a.m. in order to wake them up.

Gong hopes that this experience will make his peers think about all the problems that young people face everyday he says that “everybody is struggling”.

What are your thoughts on the Gleneagle sleepout? People said that they hope that more schools do this and that they hope it goes well.


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