Daniel Quezada / Staff reporter

B.C. Premier John Horgan says “some children will start to return to classrooms on a part-time, voluntary basis beginning June 1.” 

not having in-person classroom time could have difficulties on some students, said Education Minister Robert Fleming. Currently there are five thousand students who are in physical classrooms, a very small portion of the overall student population. Fleming wants to bring more of the student population to physical classroom. Fleming wants elementary schools to be limited to 50% in-class instructions as well middle school and secondary will be limited to 20%. they are still many people who are concerned about the safety of this idea due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It may be too soon for the student population to return to in-school education. Most deadly flu outbreaks don’t disappear overnight and especially that goes for Global pandemics it takes some time, even years to dissipate or be eradicated. the world begins to slowly open up and lifts the restrictions, the virus could return stronger next time and when it does public buildings like schools are a perfect Target, hundreds of vulnerable people in one building.  

“The move makes sense for the overall picture, but he says how things will roll out is still unknown” said James Taylor, a member of the District Parent Advisory Council. The lack of details is a big concern how does the school board plan to keep everyone safe. washing your hands before entering the building will only do so much. There needs to be more detail on safety equipment and more protocols to keep the school space Covid-19 free. 

“I’m waiting for details. Everyone is waiting for details,” Taylor said. is it worth opening the school, with that kind of risk. There is very little time left in the school year, it seems the logistics and time could be fruitless, with only a month left of the school year there isn’t very much that could happen. The only people who would really receive a benefit are the students who need extra support, the overall student population doesn’t seem to need to go back even if it’s part time. But the benefit of this idea is that students are able to reconnect with their classmates and teachers so they can give their goodbyes when they move on to the next phase of their life. it’s rather unfortunate that we are in this epidemic, but safety must come first.