Joon Lee / Staff reporter

In Edmonton, Alberta The “Scona White Student Alliance” calls on students at Strathcona High School to rise up and fight racism towards white people.

Members of white student alliance post these racist Actions or words on their Twitter and Instagram to be easily exposed for students. Not only did they post these racist Actions or words, but they also induced disputes among students through this post.

“They shouldn’t have done it in this way because it did offend a lot of people who have faced more discrimination by their race. It did say in the article for students to fight back and speak up against racism against white people, which is inappropriate and disrespectful.” said Alexis Nguyen, grade 10

In a statement to CBC News, an Edmonton police spokesperson said the Hate Crime and Violent Extremism Unit is working closely with school administration.

Students said that punishment for them should be done like this. Joshua Mah, grade 10 a student from this school stated that “The government should have to put them in jail for a few years for being racist and offending thousands of black and indigenous peoples. Another punishment that should have happened is to take down the Twitter account permanently instead of suspending it and remove their Instagram account as well.”

In common, Two students also added that “The school should have suspended or expel the students because they have committed a crime that has offended tons of people and the school should not welcome them again at their school.”


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