Pizza has been existed for centuries, and tomato sauce and cheese on dough are all you need to meet most people’s definition of the famous Italian dish.

To add more flavour to the pizza, additional small pieces of food, referred to as toppings, are placed on top of the pizza.

Common pizza toppings include pepperoni, mushrooms, ham, olives, bacon, peppers and onion.

One topping in particular has struck a debate as to whether or not it should be allowed on Pizza that topping being pineapples.

Pineapple pizza was invented in Canada sometime in 1962 by Sam Panopoulus as an experiment to entice customers.

The creation of Hawaiian pizza was in the end a gimmick to attract customers and was likely never to spark the debate that it has.

A few popular arguments people have against pineapples on pizza are pineapples are fruit, pineapple on pizza isn’t traditional, and the taste is too sweet to mix well with the rest of the Pizza.

The pineapple being fruit argument has little to no bearing once it is acknowledged that tomatoes are a fruit.

If one type of fruit can be one of the three main ingredients to make a pizza what’s wrong with a topping being a fruit as well?

It is true that pineapple is not a traditional Italian pizza ingredient. Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada, so it’s not a true Italian custom to eat Pizza with pineapples on top.

If being traditionally Italian is important, then Nutella on pizza must be unarguably allowed.

Mixing and alterations to food is more common than at first glance. Another Italian dish for example, spaghetti isn’t traditionally served with meatballs. The combination of spaghetti and meatballs was created in New York, from immigrant Italians who had surplus amount of meat in New York compared to Italy.

While it’s theorized that pancakes have been eaten since Ancient Greece, many different interpretations of pancakes differ nation to nation. In Europe pancakes are flatter and cover more surface area than North American pancakes which are smaller and fluffier. Throughout the long history of pancakes somewhere maple syrup was added to the mix and became the norm in North America.

Most of all though, pepperoni and pepperoni pizza for that matter were invented in the United States.

Pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping in the United States and it’s not traditionally Italian similarly to Pineapples. Neither were invented in Italy yet only is criticized for it.

Different cultures are going to make unique alterations to meals eventually, that’s why they are different culturally. There is no reason other foods get a pass when changed or adapted but pineapples on pizza is scrutinized.

The taste of pineapple on pizza just comes down to personal preference. Yes it’s sweet but the same reason why one doesn’t like th sweetness is the same reason another does.

Every food tastes different and no one likes every food so thinking others can’t enjoy food because you think it tastes bad makes no sense.

People may never truly agree if pineapple on pizza is okay, but it’s more important that anyone should be eat anything they want because they like it.