Jevon Li/ Staff reporter

With the pandemic still being here, Christmas had definitely been really different for everybody this year. The school did a variety of things before Christmas this year. For example, Christmas concert, online shared auction and gingerbread house kit.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, activities were all tended to be online rather than in person in order to reduce contact. Normally, people would go to their relatives’ houses and have dinner together and stuff. But because of the new restrictions, they are not allowed to have gatherings with people that are outside your household at all.

Matt Lee and Yash Rohani, both grade11, were interviewed about the things they did to celebrate Christmas.

“Me and my family didn’t really do anything special during the break. Normally we would go out and have dinner together on Christmas day. But because of the pandemic, I wasn’t even allowed to be out at all. I was just staying at home playing video games and facetiming my friends most of the time.” Said Lee.

In fact, since there was no work and school during Christmas, people barely went outside. Most people used the break to catch up on their work and sleep.

“Before the break, school was literally taking over my life. I barely had time to relax and talk to my friends. It was really lucky that we had a 2-week winter break to chill out from the ‘chaos’ going on in my life.” Said Lee.

However, not everyone was restricted to only stay inside their houses during the break. Rohani parents allowed him to go outside to chill with his friends.

“Although I have the chance to go outside, I still didn’t go out that much throughout the break because I was aware of the virus. On Christmas Eve, me and my family went out for dinner. We also had a few relatives over the next day and it was a great time hanging out with them.”

Due to the severity of the virus, most people chose not going out or staying in a small circle instead of throwing big parties or having a lot of people over in Christmas this year. It was really smart of them to do that because the cases of Covid were going down ever since the start of the break.