Dr. Bonnie Henry, provincial health officer of British Columbia has extended the initial social gathering ban to January 8 2021, amid growing cases during the second wave of the virus.

Does this decision ruin the holidays for most people or is it the safest and most reasonable option?

Part of the reason for the lockdown being extended very well be because of people’s plans to gather in groups over the holidays and the lockdown is simply preventing that where it may not be as necessary another time of year.

Many people look forward to the end of year as a time for spending time with family and friends. For some it’s the only time of year they see particular relatives.

However, the safety and health of people is more important than physically seeing people during the holiday season.

Nobody wants to ruin the holidays for anyone intentionally. The professionals carefully weighed and considered and came to the conclusion that this is the safest option.

Risking the health of family isn’t worth it to have a holiday get together, despite the traditions and changes people might not be ready to adjust to.

Another reason could be to discourage long distance travel from in and out of the province to prevent spread.

Not seeing older family or relatives who love far away during this time of year might ruin the holidays, but giving relatives COVID-19 would also be a detriment to enjoyment during the holidays.

Since the Holidays are an opportunity for crowding with friends and families, extending the lockdown could prevent another quarantine as cases rise instead of being able to keep schools and workplaces open.

People can use this time of year to reflect on what they have rather than what we are currently missing due to this eventful year.

On first glance, the lockdown is worse than it appears. It is true that people are unable to physically visit with relatives, the modern era allows people to connect digitally through applications such as Zoom and FaceTime.

The internet allows people to make connections with each other in ways impossible 30 years ago. It’s helpful the Internet is available at a time like now.

Internet usage could allow for interaction with more people than previous years given without being in person.

This year’s end may not be normal for most, but for this year at least people should prepare to have a smaller family holiday for the safety of loved ones. The best thing a person can do is wear a mask and socially distance to stay safe.