Jevon Li  / Staff reporter 

Physics is considered one of the harder courses in the science faculty. A lot of students are struggling in the course due to the amount of work given to them every day and the new school schedule.

Joon Kang, grade 11 said, “Physics is so much harder this year because it’s hard to learn remotely. Also, the teacher couldn’t give out as much notes as before due to COVID transmission. I need to spend a lot of time each day to do research about the stuff I missed in class.”

In fact, the average grade in physics this year has an obvious drop compared to last year. A lot of students think that the course’s pace is way too fast and they can barely catch up to it.

“The teacher is teaching way too fast because of the tight schedule. She is literally teaching two chapters a day. I feel like I need more time to digest the stuff I learned in one chapter before moving on to the next,” Brian Choo, grade 11.

Activities like group projects and labs are heavily reduced this year because of COVID-19. Some students are a little bit upset about it because they believe it can actually help them with their understanding of the course and make the class more interesting.

Kang added, “Even though COVID is still pretty serious here, I think that we should have more activities in class rather than just sitting and listening to the teacher the whole time.”