Christian Shomali / Staff Reporter

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many student’s studies, but districts have made a way for students to attend school, and be safe during this pandemic. These conditions have changed the way that the Gleneagle Music program is run.

The musical program is a very social program, needing students to interact with others.

Starting March 2020, school districts started to quarantine, making all work online instead of attending school. This made the course very difficult to learn and enjoy. However, In September 2020, school districts started to bring back attendance, making this year different compared to the usual schedule. Due to the lack of time, they cancelled all concerts. Instead, they are playing music that the students recommend, and play “for the fun of it” as most students say.

“I think we should’ve stayed online because cases are increasing and give us a higher chance of getting a case,” said Matthew Elias, grade 11. “Since band is such an interactive course, it should be one of the courses that stay online.”

“Personally, I didn’t like the course online, and I much prefer having to attend school and practicing my instrument that way,” said Min-jin Jung, grade 11.

Compared to other schools in the SD43 district, Gleneagle has fewer cases than most schools; with one confirmed case. “I’m thankful how Gleneagle has fewer cases than most schools. But it is still awkward on how we are still so interactive during a pandemic,” added Elias.