Sebastian R. Ortega / staff reporter 

Last Friday November 20, new Covid guidelines outlawed social gatherings and made facemasks mandatory in most indoor places like restaurants in the mall, and workplaces. 

Social distancing guidelines will be enforced by the RCMP “Covid-19 Compliance & Enforcement team” which will fine up to $200 for resistance in complying.  

It is almost the beginning of winter, and the economy keeps on getting colder and colder. Because of strict guidelines, small businesses have seen a drop in sales, which in turn has closed loved local businesses. It is important to support private owned businesses because they give jobs to people in our community when they need it the most- in times where being financially sound is vital.  

Small businesses are just starting to experience the mandates setbacks. Owner of a small Kitsilano shop, Bruno Papa comments about customer dissatisfaction,  

“We had a lot of people who would wear the mask prior to the mandate, but first thing in the morning we obviously had a couple that weren’t too happy & threatened to never come back.” Papa expressed with dissatisfaction.  

Stores which have professional websites have been the ones profiting from the pandemic, while small businesses who have been entering the dog-eat dog online market have been struggling to adapt to the change to the online marketplace. 

For us to keep Christmas a jolly event for the economy, we should start supporting stores that are trying to make the change to a safer alternative. If we all comply with Covid guidelines, Covid-19 cases could stop increasing by thousands while keeping local economies healthy.  

Creating a safe environment for the economy to flower should be our priority. Support local businesses to support employers, and employees, but do it safely.