Ty Rillorta / Staff Reporter

The New York Post ran a story making claims about Hunter Biden’s private emails, which are causing other news sites to respond with accusations of bias. Biden is future U.S. president Joe Biden‘s son.

The article provides details on Biden’s emails between himself and many Russian businessmen with the plan to make deals with future president, Joe Biden. The legitimacy of the story is still to be determined. 

How bias informs the construction and consumption of news media can be very harmful to media. Writers strive are to let readers form their own opinions on a subject, instead of forcing an idea upon them.

The NY Post is a right-wing news source. Donald Trump, current U.S. president, said it was his favorite news site in 2017; he is also friends with the owner, Rupert Murdoch.

The NY Post recently released more details about Biden’s emails in an article about his alleged crisis in life.

The headline and the opening paragraph are what convey the tone and idea of the article. It is likely what influence the audience on how they will interpret the story.

The article has the headline “Hunter Biden emails, texts reveal wildlife, pained soul.” Along with mentioning the supposed shady emails between Biden and Russian businessmen, the author could be making the audience think that Joe Biden shouldn’t be president. With the election coming up, this is what many others think as well. It goes more into depth on the relationship between Joe Biden and Russian contacts. This is an extreme version of bias by the NY Post if the story leads to be fabricated information they made to push their agenda onto readers.

Many articles further commented on this story, including ones from CBS News and The American Conservative; they both present bias. 

CBS, a center-left site says that The NY Post is lying. CBS claims that “President Trump and his allies have launched a late effort to again tarnish Joe Biden by tying him to his son Hunter Biden’s overseas business interests” in the first paragraph. This could make readers think that the NY Post story is a smear campaign enacted by Trump supporters. 

The rest of the article has the same tone as it keeps bringing up and discussing holes in logic in the NY Post’s story. “But the owner of the computer store, John Paul MacIsaac, was unable and unwilling to answer key questions about how the laptop supposedly arrived in his store, and eventually, how the data was shared with [Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York city].” The bias comes from the fact that the NY Post’s story is not yet deemed fake nor verified; taking a stance and pinning blame is not just reporting the story. 

The American Conservative, a right-wing, is mostly treating the NY Post’s article as fact. “The never-before-revealed meeting is mentioned in a message of appreciation that Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to the board of Burisma […] about a year after Hunter joined the Burisma board.” They say this, but don’t disclose that the information is unverified. The bias is them wanting Joe Biden to look bad to their audience. 

How an article makes the readers consume media can be a danger of journalistic integrity if it is heavily biased. Journalism is meant to be unbiased and safe form of media to get information.